Kaavi Art – The First All Weather Resistance Painting From Goa…!

What is Kaavi Art???
Ans: Kaavi Art or Kaavi Kale is an elaborate form of wall mural etching and painting. This Art was invented by our ancestors to suit the Tropical Climatic condition. Irrespective of the weather condition some of the murals on the walls have withstood years of extreme monsoon rainfall and summer heat.
It spread along the Konkan coast of Dakshina Kannada when the Hindus fled from Goa around 16th century and settled in this region. Kaavi art form was depicted in the form of murals on the walls of temples and geometrical designs, as well as floral designs in churches and some ancestral homes in Goa. In temples, this art was used to depict mythological and historical themes on the exterior walls.

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    Hi, I am doing a research on Kaavi Art. Could you share your contact umber or email, so I could get in touch at the earliest? My email is contact@nazariya.co.in


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